Matricide Part II




 Mnemon said nothing. His gaze was fixed at a certain point on the wall in front of him. Enitharmon pressed gently the play button.


Run, to hide, now!
the streets are filled with people, who die!
the virus is quick! in minutes the victim dies,
as, inside the body, the organs
are turning into a shapeless gel!
Screams of Sirens! and shouts of fear!
echo around us, people struck by panic,
are running away from Nemesis!
Created in secret labs! the virus's invincible
airborne and dangerous striking us hard!
leaving the city within total chaos!
as doctors and nurses, all got the virus and died!

Try to find a gas mask, and go!
run for the countryside!
just don't let anyone touch you
he might infect you!
riots and chaos! fire and smoke!
no one is safe, our city is falling apart!

Faint at first and getting louder!
the sound of motors fill the night!
Help is coming, comes from the sky
The nightmare will soon, will soon be past!
Bright lights are hovering above!
Loudspeakers give the orders!
"All must stay inside"
It's silent now there's not a sound
And all I saw before I got burned
A mushroom in the sky!

Poseidon's Wrath

 -On this planet, some places were much more pleasant, than others, Enitharmon said. Travelers were coming from the rich lands. They enjoyed their stay and the locals served them obediently. This song refers to an earthquake, that creates a giant wave and kills a lot of the local creatures, and while they mourn their dead, some of the travelers continued to have fun!

Mnemon kept staring at the wall.


Outside the night's womb! The southern cross and the milky way!
Sweet scent fills the air! With memories of desire and lust!
Inside the music's loud! People dance in a shower of light!
Bodies move in a violent way! Reminding me of a primitive rite!
A cannibal rite! Under the shadows we rest!
Drinking, eating, cheating Having fun!
While our brothers sweat! Carrying, delivering, bowing
In the heat! Gestures and smiles
Whatever the joke might be Hunger and thirst
They just don't go with pride! Working all day
Under the blazing Sun Moving like slaves
With ignorance deep inside! Next to the luxury rooms
Lie the huts of the poor Who have nothing
They are the kids of a lesser God They are the people
We denied to live their lives! Giant waves hit the coast
Taking them all Poverty need and pride!
Arrogant and humble are swept Nothing can escape the wrath
Of Poseidon's tide! Wounded mothers burst in tears!
Their dreams their lives, In a moment are gone!
Orphan children weep alone!
Their world collapsed in a moment of doom!
Tourists at the beach and people in the pubs
having a great time! Close to the ruins
And next to the graves Spending happy night as our brothers cry!!!

No Ark

As their planet slowly began to fall apart, came the floods, Enitharmon said! And then they realized there was no one to help them to get out of this situation they themselves had gotten into.
Mnemon, in his despair whispered, under his breath.
-Such crime and punishment!


It's raining for days, Waters rise and rise again!
Acidic rain, Flooding the streets with poison!
Then a carpet of clouds Cover the sky and kill the lights
There is no more day and night Only a sickening grey!!
Here come the floods Red like blood
The smell of death! This rain has brought
Such hale and horror To our souls
Heavy black clouds Hide the sky
Heavy black clouds Hide the sun
There is no place for us to hide
There is no boat to offer shelter
This time! It's been raining for days
The sky is forever dark and grey!
The wind cries in grief!
A farewell to mankind's last moments!
As we sat the dying grass,
Waiting for the worst to come!
As we sat the dying grass,
Waiting for the world to end!
The sinner said:
"It came for us As Nature claimed its ancient calm!
No sign from Heaven And no sign from God!
The criminal gets what he deserves!"
Cries of despair And cries for help
The punishment fell on Old sinner's head!
"Cities in water graveyards of pride
eternal memorials To Man's suicide!"
Said the child, The orphan child!
Waters around! No sign of land,
or human presence! This time no crow
No pigeon or a branch Of olive!

Funeral Pyre

 -Captain! this song refers to the last creature on the planet. He is wandering around a dead world! The last one of his kind!

A chill run down the spine of Mnemon as he said:
-We can only imagine how lonely this creature must've felt! What a tragedy! What a nightmare!
He looked at the window again!


"This land that lies in front of me!
This ashen world, bereft, devoid of life!
It was so green and golden brown!
but now it´s just a nightmare land of grey!
I cannot stand the smell of fiery death,
this barren land degenerates my soul!"
And he raised his hands up to the sky!
kneeled and raised his hands up to the sky!
"Blind! I could not see at all!
this murderous grip upon my mother's neck!
Unworthy son, who spared the gift of life,
and lost the garden for a second time!
Oh! Hate and greed will be my legacy!
I march alone, the last one of my kind!
now we drown in apathy and lies!
Yes we drown in apathy and lies!!
Walls of fire of rolling flame,
have covered our hopes in a blanket of shame,
Boiling waters and murderous waves,
Sending our race to the bottomless depths of time!
I can't breathe, said the repented man!
He cried out - the last one of his kind!
I was so deaf that I could not hear
the voices that whispered in the wind!
I cannot stand this smell of death!
this bloody fate has fallen on our heads!
This land that lies dead! in front of me
will always mark the fall of humankind!"
and he raised his hands up to the sky!
kneeled and raised his hands up to the sky!
They had been in space for hours. The spaceship was darting through space-time with a speed a thousand times, faster than light! The star Sol, behind them,, began shrinking, first, to a bright dot, then to a tiny spot, till it finally disappeared into nothingness!